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About the Comic:

Robots. Demons. Jungle planet.


what a cutie. ABEL
Model Number 004-E 2:2 506690

A solid mixture of courageous and apprehensive. Naive and worried to an almost direct flaw, though rounded out by his determination to protect those whom he solemnly cares about. Eager to start friendships as well as run away from anything that poses a serious threat. Abel would, more often than not, rather follow than guide. Though, as his search for answers continues, it becomes abundantly obvious that he is destined to prove his worth.

Model Number 006-S 1:8 110132

A hulking scrapping unit. His only distinct quality is the massive cannon surgically grafted onto his backside, which makes him seemingly more qualified for the military than labor. Not much else is known about Goliath. His allegiance to Abel is warmly welcomed, though his true motives, if any, are still unclear. He was named by Abel, since no scrapping units were ever deemed fit for a name, nor made to talk openly. Thus programmed only to respond to simple yes or no answer questions, Goliath remains silent towards other inquiry.

Draadigosa General of the Bzas Empire

Veesg’s seat is formidable in the demon hierarchy. Conniving and deceitful. Cunning and pure evil. It's fear of his retribution that moves the lower rankings, rather than want of his praise. His body is highlighted in battle scars, though lately the only fighting he comes across seems to be political. No one but the emperor himself ever has the courage to question Veesg's decisions. Unmistakably volatile, his brute strength and subverting mind are his most worthy weapons.

Right Hand of Veesg

Perhaps the most psychotic and vicious of all the demons and absolutely the most powerful amongst the females. She wants nothing to do with power and is obsessed with pleasing her master and pedagogue, Veesg. She was specially chosen by him when enslaved to whoredom but was cultivated to be his personal assassin and blood spiller. She is inscrutable and warped beyond recognition, and none know her true feelings for Veesg or the basis of their relationship. After designing her own weapon, a two headed flail, she spent years perfecting the ability to wield it with a mix of forbidden martial styles.

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